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Combining aesthetics and functionality.

For Manifattura Testori, interior furnishing fabrics are traditionally the point of contact with the world of fashion fabrics, and so are considered a product of great importance, a visiting card for the company in the highly competitive market of design “made in Italy”.
Testori enjoys long-lasting relationships with leading companies in the sector for which it supplies high quality products in continual technical and aesthetic evolution, with applications ranging from traditional home furnishings to use in offices and communities.
In this sector still today the use of traditional fibers is prevalent, as they can combine the natural and aesthetic aspect with an high technical content.
Interior furnishing allows the company to keep in touch with the evolution of trends and to transfer the results also to more technical products.
In this sector special raw materials are widely used, including chenille and fancy yarns that can give fabrics a particular look.
Complementing the textile collections, Testori provides also faux leathers in a wide range of grains, colours and weights.



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interior fabrics


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