Testori Fabrics made in Italy since 1904

  • Il made in Italy per eccellenza:
  • style,
  • durata,
  • tendenze.

Custom solutions, flexibility in all production phases,
rapid delivery.

Manifattura Testori not only supplies a varied package of products described in detail in the sections on the various sectors, but is also a partner offering full service to customers.
In addition to full support for all kinds of tests and certifications required, Testori can supply, on request, specially designed textile solutions, starting from the preliminary design phases to the delivery of the end product. Thus a fabric can be ordered by length or in bulk from stocks of the current collections, brought back into production from past collections (more than 8000 references), or designed and produced from scratch for specific requirements: in all cases it is supplied in rolls or even prepared ready-made. All these activities are completely managed within a production unit that guarantees maximum flexibility, with optimisation of timing and costs that only an integrated organisation can offer.



Soluzioni su misura

flessibilità in ogni fase produttiva


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