Testori Fabrics made in Italy since 1904

Manifattura Testori is the ideal partner to create “made in Italy” design environments for Aviation, Railway, Marine and Hospitality interiors. We offer consultancy from graphic design to the creation of prototypes through to the development of the final product including all necessary certifications and, on request, preparation of finished products.

Testori -  testori fabrics COMPANYCraftsmanship, design, creativity, research, materials technology:
Testori has been creating “made in Italy” fabrics since 1904.
Testori -since 1904 HISTORYFrom the mythical Orient Express
to the Queen Elizabeth
and the supersonic Concorde.
Testori - design fabrics DESIGN“Made in Italy” par excellence:
style, long life and trends.
Testori - flame retardant fabrics SERVICESCustom solutions, flexibility in all production phases and fast delivery.

Testori - aircraft fabrics AVIATION In flight for more than 50 years.
Testori -  train fabrics RAIL & BUSTravelling in safety and elegance.
Testori - cruiseship fabrics CRUISE & FERRYContinuous technical
and aesthetic evolution.
Testori -  hotel fabrics HOSPITALITYUnderstanding the specific needs of individuals, groups and communities.